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Venue Location

The Enterprise Building

320 N E Street
San Bernardino CA

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'Build Back Better Business' Series — Part 4 of 6

A 6 Part Series Focusing on the Foundation of Personal and Professional Success!

A Customer Service Adventure: Customer Service—It's Everybody's Business

Happy and skillful employees will lead to happy and delighted customers. The foundation of customer delight is building a culture of Service.

The Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce (IERCC) and San Bernardino County Economic Development Agency are pleased to bring to you the Build Back Better Business Series. Building back better begins by building a strong and skilled workforce, which is the basis for business and economic success.

Business success starts with each company building up and strengthening the skills of the most important asset—its staff and employees. Each company has to make sure that each employee is functioning at an optimal level, personally and professionally. When a company takes care of its employees first, then the external customer will be taken care of, success and profitability will be the natural result.

How do we build back better? By ensuring that the fundamentals, the foundation, and the building blocks of success are not compromised.

IERCC and San Bernardino County EDA are pleased to present ERS Consulting Services Business Series that focuses on personal and professional success.

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  1. Balancing Work with Life: Balanced individuals will need to master a special skill—managing self in the context of time, September 30, 2021 
  2. The Time Management Hour: Making Time Count! October 28, 2021
  3. The 21st Century Global Professional: Secrets of Success & the Power of the Qs, December 7, 2021
  4. A Customer Service Adventure: Customer Service—It's Everybody's Business, January 25, 2022
  5. Cross-cultural Communication: Becoming a Cultural Commuter, March 8, 2022
  6. Enter the Zone of ICE: Keep Moving with Change—Learn! Adapt! Succeed! April 26, 2022
Sponsors and Partners
Sponsors and Partners