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Join Us for an Exclusive Evening of Celebration in Newport Beach.

This invitation-only event is designed to honor our esteemed business partners and associates, cultivate new relationships while offering an atmosphere of appreciation and high-end networking. Your invitation is a testament to the significant partnership you hold with us.

Event Details:

  • Date: Friday, May 17th
  • Venue: AVRIO Media, 980 West Coast Hwy, Suite 200, Newport Beach, CA 92663
  • Dress Code: Business casual
  • We are asking all attendees to bring (1) good quality bottle of wine or whiskey.
  • Cigar balcony available (bring your own cigars)

*Complimentary hors d'oeuvres and wine will be provided.

Your Hosts

  • Edward Ornelas, Jr. (President & CEO of Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce)

    Edward Ornelas, Jr.

    President & CEO of Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce


    Edward Ornelas, Jr., originally from Los Angeles, found his professional calling in the Inland Empire, dedicating himself since 2010 to elevating local businesses. His unique blend of innovative thinking and unconventional marketing strategies distinguishes him in the business realm.

    Edward's pivotal contribution began in 2015 with the Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce. Though not its founder, he was the architect of its renaissance, using his strategic insight and relationship acumen to elevate the Chamber from a fledgling entity to a regional cornerstone. His transformative leadership was key in redefining the organization's trajectory.

    Expanding his influence in 2018, Edward acquired the Inland Empire Business Journal, seizing the chance to amplify regional economic narratives and contribute to the area's positive image. This wasn't just a business move; it was a commitment to local economic storytelling and rebranding the Inland Empire's identity.

    In his professional journey, Edward defies traditionalism. He thrives on innovation, questioning established methods, and boldly pursuing uncharted paths. For him, redefining norms and pushing boundaries is not a mere practice but a necessary ethos. This principle fuels his career and the transformative energy he brings to his ventures, creating environments that dare to evolve and innovate continuously.

    Currently, Edward contributes his expertise to several boards, including the American Red Cross, Inland Southern California United Way, and as an Associate Director to the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce. His nuanced grasp of business mechanics and devotion to societal advancement gained recognition with his recent induction into the California District Export Council by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, affirming his diverse skills.

    Leading both the chamber and the Inland Empire Business Journal, Edward remains a cornerstone of community progress, stimulating economic growth, and weaving a narrative of regional success and promise.

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  • Nicko Bays (CEO of ClearPower USA)

    Nicko Bays

    CEO of ClearPower USA


    Nicko Bays is an entrepreneur who embodies innovation and forward-thinking in every venture he undertakes. As the founder and owner of Signfastic, Nicko has revolutionized the realm of digital signage with cutting-edge displays that blend design with technology. His entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop there; he has expanded his portfolio to address the needs of a greener future by manufacturing state-of-the-art Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations.

    With an inventor’s mindset and a businessman's acumen, Nicko has seamlessly navigated the intersection of visual marketing and eco-friendly solutions. His leadership at Signfastic has not only set new industry standards but has also shown a commitment to sustainable practices. Under his guidance, Signfastic has grown to be synonymous with quality and innovation, providing clients with dynamic advertising solutions that capture attention and drive engagement.

    Nicko's ventures reflect his dedication to progress and efficiency, both in energy consumption and in the way businesses communicate with their audiences. His work in EV Charging infrastructure reveals his foresight in supporting the growing demand for environmentally conscious transportation options.

    An advocate for technology and environmental stewardship, Nicko continues to inspire with his dedication to improving the business landscape while fostering a healthier planet. His contributions to both digital advertising and the EV charging sector underscore his role as a pivotal figure in shaping a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.

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We are asking all attendees to bring (1) good quality bottle of wine or whiskey.

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A\VRIO Media powered by Signfastic

980 West Coast Highway
Newport Beach, California

If you have any questions please contact Edward Ornelas, Jr.

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