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Come hear the 2020 City of Riverside Mayoral candidates speak as they share their vision for the city of Riverside. The event is free and open to the business community. Per the City of Riverside website, the following candidates are seeking the Mayoral seat.

*All Mayoral candidates have been confirmed to attend!


  • Acea Stapler (Mayoral Candidate at City of Riverside)

    Acea Stapler

    Mayoral Candidate at City of Riverside


    Let us build relationship equity between ALL residents and our local government. Together we can teach our children that OUR VOICE DOES MATTER.

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  • Andy Melendrez (Mayoral Candidate at City of Riverside)

    Andy Melendrez

    Mayoral Candidate at City of Riverside


    Meet Andy.
    Andy Melendrez, who is currently serving his fourth term on the Riverside City Council, would be the first Latino to serve as Mayor in Riverside’s 135-year history.
    “I’m running for Mayor to protect Riverside’s unique quality of life and make city government more responsive and transparent. I believe that my experiences as a City Councilmember and longtime local business owner give me a unique set of perspectives, and I am ready to take on the big problems
    – Such as the homelessness crisis –
    that our city is facing. I am excited to announce my candidacy, and I am looking forward to the campaign ahead.”

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  • Guy A. Harrell (Mayoral Candidate at City of Riverside)

    Guy A. Harrell

    Mayoral Candidate at City of Riverside

  • John D. Denilofs (Mayoral Candidate at City of Riverside)

    John D. Denilofs

    Mayoral Candidate at City of Riverside

    John Dave Denilofs was born Phi Long Tran in Da Nang, Vietnam in 1966. JD came to California in 1975 via the Philippines, Hawaii and Samoa. JD grew up in Bellflower, two weeks after graduating from Mayfair High School he was off to basic training for the U.S. Army. JD returned four and a half years later after being stationed in Kentucky, Texas and Germany. After leaving active duty in 1988, John joined the Reserve, he ended his military career in 2003 as a First Sergeant.

    From 1989 to 1999 JD owned two businesses a horticulturist business, "Shade Nursery" in Sun City, CA and a turfgrass planting business, "J.D. Flannigan Stolon Planting Service", which operated up and down California. From 2000 to 2010 John was an Independent Contractor driving for Bell Cab Co/Yellow Cab Co based in San Bernardino, CA.

    JD is a three time cancer survivor. In 2008, JD had colon cancer and in 2012 he lost 75% of muscle mass of his right buttocks to sarcoma cancer. In 2014 the sarcoma spread to his lung but once again the VA Loma Linda Hospital pulled off another miracle.

    After a military career, being a small business owner, and a cancer survivor, JD became a full time single dad. John is currently raising three kids, Allison, 15, Rachal, 8, and Johnny Lee, 7.

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  • Patricia Lock Dawson (Mayoral Candidate at City of Riverside)

    Patricia Lock Dawson

    Mayoral Candidate at City of Riverside


    About Patricia
    Patricia Lock Dawson is a Riverside native, small business owner and community leader who has served our city for over 20 years. She currently serves as a Trustee on the Riverside Unified School District Board of Education, having first been elected in 2011.

    As a school board member, Patricia got results: she built partnerships with businesses and higher education to increase graduation rates and create job opportunities for students, while balancing the budget.

    On the Riverside City Planning Commission, as Chairman in 2011-12 and commissioner for 4 years, she led consensus-building discussions on land use decisions that directly affected quality of life for Riverside residents. She supported development that was responsive to community needs and business challenges and provided opportunities for our city and our citizens.

    Patricia has long been an active leader in the community. She is past chairman of the Rivers and Lands Conservancy and has served on the board of directors of many civic organizations, including the Riverside Art Museum, National Charity League Riverside Chapter and UCR Alumni Association. Patricia served as a gubernatorial appointee for eight years to the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.

    Patricia has advocated for and secured millions in state and federal funds to expand parks and recreational opportunities for Inland Southern Californians.

    Patricia earned her Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the University of California, Riverside, and a Master of Science degree in wildlife from the University of Washington in Seattle. She and her husband, Scott, have three daughters Clara, Olivia, and Martha Rose.

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  • Rich Martin Gardner (Mayoral Candidate at City of Riverside)

    Rich Martin Gardner

    Mayoral Candidate at City of Riverside


    Three decades living #RiversidePride has brought me here to #YOU - Join me in #Making our #Community the strongest it's ever been. #StrikeItRICH for #MAYOR 2020

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Questions to be asked

Do you have a particular question you'd like to ask the candidates? Click the following link and ask your question. We will compile a list of all the top questions for the candidates to answer --> https://forms.gle/5coLibakmp5ve3Ta7


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