Connect and Build Relationships Virtually. We're taking face-to-face networking to a whole new level!

The Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce is exploring a NEW way to engage and network effectively, all from the comfort of your desk.

Join in on the fun no matter where you are with our NEW Speed Networking 3.0 feature! We're providing our members with an innovative way to network and build new connections even when meeting in person isn't possible.

How does it work?

Let's assume there are 50 participants. Participants will get randomly selected for a 1:1 speed networking session. Each speed networking session will last for only 4 minutes (hence speed networking) before you are redirected and connected with another random participant. Cool huh?? Yes! We think so too!


  • Edward Ornelas, Jr. (President & CEO of Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce)

    Edward Ornelas, Jr.

    President & CEO of Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce


    Edward is a Los Angeles native, but Inland Empire adopted. Moving from LA to Fontana in 2010, Edward immediately dove head first into the local and regional business community, making a name for himself as someone who 'moves fast' and 'gets things done'.

    Reach out to Edward directly:

    schedule a call --> https://calendly.com/edwardornelasjr/15min
    email: eornelas@iechamber.org

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